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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Change is inevitable....dealing with it is not!

I bet you've been asked the questions at least once in your lifetime: If there was one thing you could change about your past what would it be?

The question is so rhetorical it's unbelievable that people get sucked into it and start thinking about answers.

There is nothing that you can do about change other than deal with it. Things change all the time. That's how the world works. If everything stayed the same, you would itch to change something and be the reason for the change. 

The only problem is the mentality of dealing with change. It's called adjustment. Adjusting your mindset to allow for the change. Adjusting your attitude towards the change. Adapting your mannerisms to suit the change. Adjusting yourself to be one with the change.

Any one who can't do it, complains and  protests. It is the feeling of helplessness that causes you to do so. It is the denial of the change that prompts you to join others doing so. It is the feeling of hope that you will have things back to 'normal'. Without realizing, that at that point of time in the universe, you too are asking for change. Change back to normal.

The answer is simple. Be prepared. Be flexible. Be adjustable (within limits) and be secure in the though that even though you may not like it, things will change again! One of the easiest ways to deal with change is to be the harbinger of change. Be part of the process and you will be surprised to see how easy it is. Now, I understand that this is easy when you like the change that is about to happen, when you're rooting for it, even.

The challenge lies in change that you are not comfortable with. How about looking at it from a completely opposite angle?. Force yourself to think completely opposite to what you usually do. It would help you perceive the change in another mindset and perhaps make it easier. Another suggestion would be to completely ignore it. Let people sound out their views, nod along and wait and watch. Either you adjust to it or while waiting it changes again. A more active approach would be to change something about you that matches that change so it doesn't feel so bad or negative.

The only thing I think we absolutely should not do is to react instinctively. Simply because, in this case, human instinct is always against change. Easier said than done, right. Believe me, I know!

Here are a few quotes that I really like about change. Do let me know how you deal with change!


Anonymous said...

Change is a fact of life. It is inevitable.

Techknowdoc said...

True that

renji said...

Nice write up...

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