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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Those deadly Motorcycles!

Disclosures first up. I ride a motorcycle and have been doing so for the past 17 odd years. I always wear a helmet and recently bought one for my pillion rider as well.

A woman who works with MTDC came in to the Nursing Home today with a story that just plain scared us all.

She was going to work from the train station on her friends bike like she had been doing for the past many months.

Her dupatta got stuck in the rear wheel while the bike was in motion. She was lucky, very lucky. She had good presence of mind and immediately tucked her neck in and towards the wheel to minimize the pull and the rider stopped gradually.

She had severe abrasions over her neck, almost similar to what you get when you hang by a rope from the ceiling. The result could have been just as similar as well.

Ladies, there is a reason the sari guard is sold as an accessory. It prevents such things from happening. Also, if you are wearing things that can flow into the wheel, please bunch it up and put it in the front.

This lady was also not wearing a helmet. Something she didn't even realize till I asked her about it. Hopefully, she will get one now!

No wonder, bikers in the U.S. are called Organ Donors!

Here are the reported incidents from our very own newspapers

One of a woman nearly strangled (similar to our patient)

High Court of Kerala mulling a ban on sarees for pillion riders


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