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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Continuing the Nightmare

In continuation with my previous post, I am glad to inform you all that the patient is doing well. She is still in the ICU but 4 of 8 tubes are out, she's not spiking fevers any more, she is tolerating jejunal feeds (feeds directly into the intestine through a tube) and she has got off the bed and started walking with help.

The ryle's tube (through the nose) is out. The abdominal drain was zero so it came out. The neck drain was harldy anything so that came out as well. Neck staples from the skin are also out. Since she is now able to walk a bit we also took out the urinary catheter just to be nice.

By no means is she back to normal. She's not even close. She still has an ICD in place and a subcutaneous drain. She has a subcutaneous infection at her chest site where we had to open up the thorax. However, compared to her situation I think she's doing really well and should pull through.

Now I can go back to writing my blog with a smile on my face!

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