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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pseudo Neuro Surgery

I’m going to suck your brains out took on a whole new meaning yesterday!
We had this really bad railway traffic accident who reached the casualty around 11 pm with his eye almost hanging out, his scalp forming a nice flap and fractures all over the skull…I mean all over which will be apparent soon

IV lines are taken, catheters are put, and a nasogastric tube is inserted to suction out his gastric contents so that he doesn’t aspirate and choke on himself. However, it got blocked and we had to put it in again.

This time a colleague from another unit, let’s call him the Dr. Mole, puts it in and it goes in smoothly. He aspirates and gets fluid and is quite content with it. Now, the patient is transferred to Maike and a CT Scan is done. The doc doing the CT suddenly yells, "Where is the doctor that managed to do this” The intern accompanying the patient almost has a fit…..The nasogastric tube which was supposed to drain the stomach was in the skull into the BRAIN!!!!

Apparently there was a fracture of the cribriform plate and the tube had somehow gone through the skull into the brain where there was a clot of blood which was miraculously drained by the tube.

The patient survived somehow and all of us just couldn’t believe what had happened. I still don’t, hence the need to write this to find out just how believable it really is.


Bhavna said...

Now i understand the meaning of the famous lines "Hum doctors ke haath mein kuch nahin hai, sab upar wale ke haath mein hai"

Techknowdoc said...

We're just blessed by God to be able to do his bidding.

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