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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Right To Strike?

I'm tired of reading letters from people saying things like the Government has in principle agreed to all the demands of the doctors except that of the stipend. On what basis are people making this assumption? Also talking about how we should not sort to extreme measures just because of some irate relatives is just not right.

Let me clarify a few things

1.) If we did not care about patients, there was no reason for us to spend a good 8-10 years of our lives studying to become doctors.

2.) The Government has agreed to improve our living conditions in principle so many times before that its now time to question those same principles!

3.) Most Importantly, are we really prepared to wait till someone gets stabbed or beaten black and blue before addressing the question of security???

I have personally had a patient who stood up on the bed in the casualty, grabbed a tube light off the wall, broke it and threatned to stab the prescence of ONE security guard who could do nothing but watch. Would our demands be fair if either he or one of the doctors attending to him would have gotten stabbed!!

Just to make a point, it was two doctors and not the security guard who finally got that patient to calm down and saved his (and maybe our) life.

With respect I remain.

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